Add Fancy Item

Active The Plugin #

After activating the Fancy Filter, a post type name will create “Fancy Filter”, please Look at the Dashboard Admin Menu section

:  Click the button of Fancy filter and you will find below sub menu

Fancy Filter : #
  • All Portfolios
  • Add New Portfolio
  • Portfolio Category
  • All Created shortcode
  • How It Works
  • Settings

1) . All Portfolios: This is the Fancy created Portfolio list, Portfolio item, attached with portfolio category, if you want to create a new portfolio  click the Add new Portfolio

2).  Add New Portfolio:  Create a first portfolio item,  1) add to the title Write portfolio title,2)  write content, 6) set portfolio image, 3) create a category and check it out 4) input Video URL or Shortcode or RAW Html(if you want to see popup features as video link/shortcode/embedded code) 5) preview and Download link for Portfolio style NINE & TEN

3).  Portfolio Category:  Create a category for portfolio items, just like when you create a category for a post. Just create a category name and then click Add a new category. You can also create a category from a new portfolio page

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