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All Created Shortcode: #

On this page, you can create more different shortcodes for portfolio filter, product filter, post filter. please follow the step by step instruction
Click the ‘All created shortcode’, You will see the interface below, we have created 10 shortcodes for different styles and sections, you can download this XML file from the Premium Plugins folder.
Now, how do you create a shortcode, first click on the ‘Add New Shortcode’ link in red at the top

After clicking ‘Add New Shortcode’ you will see three (3) categories like below, 1) Products 2) Portfolio, 3) Blog post,

# Product: #

This part is for creating shortcodes for products (If Active WooCommerce Plugin)
     => Choose Product Categories: Click the drop-down and select the section you want to display
     => Choose Grid Style: same as plugin setting page, You will see a drop-down, here you will find a total of 11              styles.
     => Background One: Choose the Item Wrapper background-color
     => Background Two(For Gradient): Choose the Item Wrapper background color for the Gradient (Not                 Applicable for grid-style 4)
     => Choose Filter Button Style: There are thirteen (13) filter button styles, click on the button style and you               will see the styles as a dropdown
     => Button Align:  Filter button align setting. choose align from the drop-down
     => Button Label Color: Filter Button Text Color
     =>Button Background: Filter Button background Color, Applies only to button styles 3,4,6,8,10,13
     => Active Color: Clicking on a button will activate it, the text color of this button when it is activated
===##  Now add a title, it will not print on the frontend but if there is a shortcode list it will be easier for you to find the shortcode. Now click on the publish button.

After clicking the Publish button you will see a shortcode generated below the product section like the image below, copy it and paste it into the site of your choice. You will see the filter features on the frontend
Note: Please note that after updating the field, the shortcode will change, so every time you update any functionality above that page, copy the updated shortcode each time, and use the new code. Otherwise, your update will not be displayed


# Portfolio: #

same as above, see the above documentation

# Blog Post: #

same as above, see the above documentation

Shortcode Attribute: #

If you want to display the categories you saved on the Plugin Settings page and change the grid style or button style from only the item, Please click ‘Shortcode Atts’ next to the Settings button on the Plugin Settings page, you will see the shortcode attribute options in tabular form
How to use it: Suppose you want to display portfolio filter grid-style number 5 and filter button style seven (7)

  1. grid_style =”portfolio_wrap_five”
  2. button=”btnsyle-7″

then the shortcode will :
[fancyfilter_portfolio button=”btnsyle-7″  grid_style=”portfolio_wrap_five”]

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