Setting Page – Pagination and Custom Link

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Pagination:  This is the default pagination functionality of WordPress, when you set the posts per page to less than all you will see the pagination button, to put it simply, let’s say the categories you have selected for the filter, the total number of items is 10, now If you save post per page by inputting 9, you will see pagination. However, there is a limitation of pagination, which is that if you click on the filter section, it will show the item on that page, so we recommend ignoring the pagination feature if it is not very necessary.
View More Button:  It’s just a custom link button. If you need it, you can activate the feature by clicking the switcher on the settings page.


Setting Options: #

#Show Pagination?: If you want to activate the feature, click on the switcher
#Color of numbers: the color of pagination number
#Background of numbers: the Background  color of the pagination number
#Active Color of number: the color of active pagination number

#Align Pagination:  pagination section alignment: left, right, center

#Space(Px) from top: space or gap from the top, unit: Px
#Display View More Button?:  If you want to activate the feature, click on the switcher
#Button Text: Change the button change: default ‘View More’.
#Button Link:  input the links for the button
#Text Color: Text Color of the View More button
#Button Background: button background color of View More
#Alignment: view more section alignment: left, right, center

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